Timely Triumphs for Today’s Troubles

We often admire those who have overcome adverse circumstances: The athlete who, although disadvantaged, keeps striving for victoryThe soldier who, although appearing defeated, battles onThe musician who, with physical handicap, continues producingThe broken who, although helpless, keeps hoping and praying With almost his last breath, the apostle Paul reflects on his life, "I have fought … Continue reading Timely Triumphs for Today’s Troubles

Some Realities About Christ’s Resurrection

"But now Christ is risen from the dead..." (I Corinthians 15:20a) Think about it: Even Abraham and Job (both around 2000 B.C.) believed in a resurrection from the dead (Genesis 22:5; Job 19:25-27)…. A thousand years earlier, King David predicted that Christ would not experience the corruption after death (Psalm 16:10)…. Jesus raised Himself from … Continue reading Some Realities About Christ’s Resurrection