• The Bible is the Word of God and without error in the original manuscripts. God is its Author who used 40 Jewish writers to record His unique Word.
  • The God of the Bible is a triune Being: three persons, one essence.
  • Jesus Christ is God’s uniquely begotten Son. History and eternity are all about Him. Since He is God, He has no equal. He is the promised Messiah, and is the fulfillment (past, present and future) of all the prophecies made about Him.
  • The Holy Spirit is the third person of the triune Godhead. One of His great ministries is to point to Jesus Christ.
  • Satan, the devil, is God’s adversary, not His equal. Those who sinned with him against God are called demons or fallen angels . Their doom is sealed forever.
  • All humans sinned in Adam and do not have the ability to save themselves. Their sin nature and consequent sinful acts merit eternal condemnation. Although all deserve Hell, Christ died for the ungodly.
  • No works of any kind will save anyone. It is only through faith in Jesus Christ alone that one is saved.
  • The church around the world is composed of local bodies of genuine believers who subscribe to the Truth of God’s Word. Their work is to glorify Jesus Christ, build up each other and share the Good News with those who are lost.
  • In this economy, Jesus Christ will meet all genuine believers in the clouds of the air before the Tribulation period and will return with them before the literal thousand-year reign of Christ on earth.
  • God has a special love for the Jewish people and has made an eternal covenant with them through Abraham. They are an eternal people and there will always be a Jewish remnant.