“…Lord, teach us to pray….” “Then He (Jesus) spoke a parable to them, that men always ought to pray and not lose heart.” “Pray without ceasing” (Luke 11:1; 18:1; I Thessalonians 5:17)

For many, prayer is a drudgery or ritual, often done when facing serious difficulties (aka “the foxhole prayer”). In this brief article, I would like to point out what prayer is not, followed by what prayer should be:

  1. Prayer is NOT a canned product from memory. For example, “Now I lay me down to sleep….”
  2. Prayer is NOT begging God when we want something, but otherwise neglecting Him.
  3. Prayer is NOT to be used to showcase our “spirituality.”
  4. Prayer is NOT appointed for specific hours or days. It should be as normal and regular as breathing.
  5. Prayer is NOT a posture (such as kneeling or bowing). One can pray in an upright posture, while driving a car (but don’t close your eyes), or when you’re in a hospital bed, etc…

Understanding true prayer:

  1. In its most basic form, prayer IS talking to/with God.
  2. Prayer IS pouring out one’s heart/mind to Him, being honest with Him
  3. Prayer IS focusing on God’s person and work: who He is and what He has accomplished. (You’ll find these elaborated on throughout the Bible).
  4. Prayer IS thanking God for all He’s done for you and is doing for you.
  5. Prayer IS asking God to forgive you – – your sins (of mind & actions).
  6. Prayer IS laying hold on God’s promises by faith, in the power of the Holy Spirit!

Here are what I call “the FACTS of prayer” – –

“F” Stands for Fellowship with God.

“A” Stands for the Adoration of God.

“C” Stands for Confessing to Him.

“T” Stands for Thanksgiving to Him. Finally,

“S” Stands for Supplicating Him.

In short, prayer is focusing on Him! “And God answers prayer – – in His time and in His way. His answer is always best!”

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