Our Secular Society: Life Without God

“’Vanity of vanities,’ says the Preacher, ‘vanity of vanities, all is vanity’” (Ecclesiastes 1:2)

When I finally have a chance to talk with someone about “religion,” I get this blank stare in return. It appears that many don’t even have a clue what this word signifies, don’t want to talk about it (for whatever reason), or they consider it a word like “politics,” which, for many, is not to be discussed. Either these folks have electronic gadgets “glued” to their faces, prohibiting further discussion, or they don’t wish to be confronted with truth (especially that of the Bible).


As one probes a bit deeper, it will become obvious that God is not part of most people’s vocabularies or lives. Secularism is a state where what is sacred is carefully avoided. And when that happens, life becomes vain, or empty or futile. Wise King Solomon in his book Ecclesiastes (in the Bible) uses this Hebrew word “vain” (הֶבֶל hebel, heh’-bel) 37 times to indicate the meaninglessness of life without God – – the biblical God, that is! Solomon learned early that without God life is totally void of significance – – life then is lived in a vacuum. When that happens, the only outcome to be awaited is eternal and severe punishment from the living God who has deliberately been shunned or replaced by others, by things or by ideologies. (Such would include agnosticism, atheism, communism, evolutionism, and other isms).

Life Without God | GoodFriends.Blog

Your life cannot have purpose or be meaningful if you avoid the only hope there is – – God and His Word, the Bible. Whether you disbelieve a (or your) future judgment, doesn’t change God’s Word. NO ONE determines his own destiny!! Only God determines that!!  Don’t leave (this earthly) home without Him! Hell is life lived without God and punished by God – – for ever and ever!!

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