Forgive Me for Being Personal

“Casting all your care upon Him (God), for He cares for you” (I Peter 5:7)

I have some personal questions I would like to ask you simply because I really care for you, and God even more so! Perhaps you can take a little quiet time to reflect upon these questions:

10 Questions to Ask on a Personal Retreat -
  • Do you ever think about the fact that our physical life on earth doesn’t last forever? To put it in difficult words, have you thought about dying?
  • Have you given any thought as to what happens the moment you leave this life? Where will you be, how long will you be there, and who determines that? God? You? Or, perhaps somebody else?
  • Do you care about real facts or do you live in a dream-world of unreality? What legacy do you hope to leave for your family and friends? (I am NOT talking about money or things money can buy)!
  • What makes you really happy? What do you find truly meaningful in life? Are you really prepared to meet God? Will you meet Him as your heavenly Father, or your final Judge?
  • Do you really think that God needs or wants your favors or nice deeds?
  • Should you be or are you afraid of the future – – of what’s coming down the pike?
  • Are all belief-systems really the same? Really? Does truth really matter?
  • Can you really live without standards and guidelines?

I am just asking – – asking because I care! Asking, because many are not thinking through these questions. No, you don’t need to give me an answer!

I only have the answers that God gives in His Word, the Bible. Perhaps you should read this authoritative, eternal and inexhaustible Book filled with help, great information and wisdom for your daily life!

I care about you, but God much more so! Do you care? Will you?

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