A Nation Demoralized

“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people” (Proverbs 14:34).

Our country is on a downhill slide and, I’m afraid, it’s irreversible. One author describes it as “slouching towards Gomorrah,’ while another analyses it as “the closing of the American mind!”

Now, it is not uncommon to find sin flaunted by the highest officers of our land, and it has filtered down through the ranks of the general public.

The sins of practical atheism, abortion, lying, greed, gambling, violence and hatred have ravaged our nation and we find ourselves in the final death throws of demoralization. We have ripened ourselves for God’s judgment, and it will shortly fall on us!

America – How Long?

“Blessed be the nation whose God is the LORD” (Psalm 33:12).

9/11 is long gone and almost forgotten. The initial shock has abated to the place where mostly only the families who lost loved ones still feel the bitter pain.

America is back to where it was: living in hedonistic pleasure and smug comfort. We have not learned from history that our internal rottenness signals our imminent decay, much like the civilizations such as the Babylonians and Romans.

Sure, we have external enemies who are just waiting to witness our collapse. But here are some very real internal diseases:

  1. Many religions have supplanted the truth of biblical Christianity (I place this first on the list because this is the primary cause for our demise)!
  2. Personal and corporate greed is prevailing over voluntary sacrifice.
  3. Self-gratification has become an obsession with most Americans.
  4. A corrupt judicial system has finagled to skillfully circumvent established laws of the land in order to protect the criminal element.
  5. Indifference, apathy, and an undifferentiated tolerance are the order of the day.

We are sick! O yes, we want the God of the Bible to “bless” America (read “prosper”), but America does not wish to bless the God of the Bible first. Confess your sins to God as an individual and place your faith in the Christ of the Bible alone. This is your only and final hope!

What to do? How can I, as an individual, turn things around? My friend, there is only one way: get right with God yourself. Forsake your sins and repent before the Almighty. Bow your knees before Him and ask for His forgiveness and cleansing. This is America’s only and final hope. And it’s up to you!

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