Are You Worried? The Procedure for Conquering Crisis

“Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature?” (Matthew 6:27).

Almost all of us are afflicted with worry. Some of the things we worry about the most are death, disease and dollars. Most often, there is very little that we can humanly do to alleviate our dread. We ask questions such as, “What will happen to our children?” or, ‘Where will I find employment?” or, ‘What is this world coming to?” And as we look around, we can “taste” danger surrounding us. Catastrophes abound, and hopefully we’ll be exempt. Violence is on the increase, and may God protect us from this kind of evil. We have tried all kinds of pleasures and entertainment, but we still find our lives emptier than ever. Ultimately, we replace reality with avenues of escape, such as “music,” electronics, or even religion – – all in vain.

My friend, it is little wonder that worry abounds. When all is said and done, we have chosen to forsake the living God. You see, if there is anyone who can allay our deepest concerns, only the God of the Bible can. Sometime study the word “trust” in the Bible, It will be an eye-opening experience! When we put our trust in God, when we place our confidence in Him, He gives us peace and rest. We need no longer worry, because the Lord is our Shepherd. Ah yes, full confidence in Jesus Christ is what you and I need to replace our worries. After all, He is sovereign and His promises to those who place their faith in Him are reliable.

The Procedure for Conquering Crisis

The following article is here reprinted with kind permission from my good friend George Zeller, Pastor of Middletown (CT) Bible Church

King Jehoshaphat’s kingdom was about to be invaded by enemies, a life-threatening national crisis indeed. The way in which this godly king handled the crisis suggests to us certain principles which can be used in conquering whatever crises and problems we may face. Consider the following from

2 Chronicles 20:

  1. Seek the LORD for help (vs. 3-4). Christ is greater than any crisis.
  2. Recognize who God is (v. 6). He’s the sovereign LORD, the Supreme Ruler and the Almighty God.
  3. Remember what God has done for you in the past (v. 7). Cannot that same God help you today?
  4. Remember God’s promise (vs. 8-9). If His people should cry out to God, then He promises to hear and to help.
  5. Give the problem to God (vs..10-11; compare Philippians 4:6 and I Peter 5:7).
  6. Acknowledge your inability to solve the problem in your own strength: “we have no might” (v.12).
  7. Confess your lack of wisdom: “we do not know what to do” (v. 12; James 1:2-7).
  8. Make sure your eyes are fixed upon the LORD and not upon the problem: “our eyes are upon Thee” (v. 12; Psalm 25:15).
  9. By faith, claim the promise that the battle is the LORD’s (vs. 15-17). The battle belongs to God and not to us. d’s responsibility is to solve the problem; our responsibility is simply to trust Him. There is no problem too big for our God!
  10. Humble yourself before the LORD (v. 18).
  11. Praise the LORD with genuine enthusiasm (v. 19).
  12. Bravely face the crisis (v. 20).
  13. Trust in the LORD and in His Word (v. 20).
  14. Thank the LORD (the word “praise” in v. 21 means “give thanks”).
  15. Sing and praise God even though you don’t yet see God’s victory (v. 22; Acts 16:23-26).

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