What’s Wrong with American Christianity?

“For I rejoiced greatly when brothers came and testified of the truth that is in you, just as you walk (live) in the truth. I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk (live) in truth(III John 3, 4)

I have singled out American Christianity because what occurs here isn’t necessarily found in other parts of the world.  For example, in a number of European countries, Christianity is virtually non-existent. But  in other parts of the world, genuine Christianity is thriving.

Often, we have been dubbed “a Christian nation.” But as we look closer at what constitutes real Christianity, this phrase becomes difficult to defend.

Today’s American Christians differ quite drastically and radically from how the Bible describes the “real deal:” 

  1. A genuine Christian is one who has repented of his sins to Christ alone and has been born again from above (John 3).
  2. A genuine Christian is one who studies and lives by the Book, the Bible, God’s Word. He lives for Christ and Christ is his life!
  3. A genuine Christian is one who prays to his Father in heaven.
  4. A genuine Christian is one who shuns worldly activities or pleasures.
  5. A genuine Christian believes in verbalizing his faith in Jesus Christ his Lord.

In other words, he is “walking in (the) truth!”

So-called Christians today erringly think that attending a house of “worship,” listening to some ignorant and fluffy preaching, TV beggars, writhing to some raucous music, following a set of rituals, etc. makes them “Christians.”

Let me tell you what is really missing in American Christianity: it’s REALITY! The reality of living the Christ-life according to the Scriptures is rarely seen here any more. Our preachers have failed to proclaim Christ and His Word instead of promoting themselves! You see, the best definition for truth is that which corresponds with reality, and that’s what’s missing in American Christianity! Where might you find that reality? Believe it or not, mostly in countries where believers are persecuted for their faith! Their Christianity is REAL! What will it take for us to repent?

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