Christians And Jews

“For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes” (Romans 10:4).

Christians and Jews have certain things in common as well as matters which distinguish them. (In an article of this size, I must of necessity compact my discussion). Basically, what Christians and Jews have in common is the acceptance of the Old Testament as the Word of God. (When we speak about America’s Judeo-Christian heritage, we definitely make reference to this particular adherence to Biblical principles).

Grafted into the Olive tree

Christians and Jews also have a common ancestry in that the first Christian church was composed of all Jewish believers in the Messiah (Acts 1, 2). One of the key distinguishing traits between these two faith groups is that Christians have accepted the New Testament as the Word of God, as a complement and fulfillment of the Old Testament. They have thus also placed their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as the promised Messiah of the Old Testament. He is the sacrificial Lamb of God who would take away man’s sins (Isaiah 53 and John 1:29). Whether Jew or Gentile, by placing your faith in Christ (the Messiah), you have everlasting life.

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