Nauseous “Christianity”

“So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I (Jesus Christ) will vomit you out of My mouth” (Revelation 3:16)

Please notice from the outset that “Christianity” is in quotation-marks. This is not a diatribe against genuine Christianity!

There are so many so-called “Christians” (individuals, churches or organization) today who make Christ sick! I will only allude to a few of their traits:

  • Their lifestyles are no different than those of non-believers.
  • All too many churches have become theatrical productions with key actors to promote themselves and entertain a gullible viewership – – and thousands flock to them.
  • There are those, of course, who will never deal with the depraved human nature or sin and its remedy, that of genuine repentance and faith in Christ alone.
  • We also have these charlatan hucksters who will peddle their “seed” money idea to eke out some hard-earned dollars from the unsuspecting.
  • And this list is endless, like including massive deceptions & false teachings!

You see, just holding or waving a Bible in the air doesn’t amount to a whole lot! Just saying one is a Christian doesn’t mean one is (whether an individual or a group). No wonder so many have been turned off by the hypocrisy they have observed. They have simply dropped out of “organized religion.” They have privatized their spirituality. They are sick of the shenanigans!

In contradistinction then, we find that genuine Christians are certainly not perfect. However, these seek to read and understand the Bible properly (all 66 Books), and then to follow its teachings by the help of the Holy Spirit of God. When they compare our Christianity today with what the Bible teaches, they see the incredible difference: one is fake while the other is real. As for me, I desire the real deal! How about you? Just read and heed your Bible, and seek to follow the Christ and His Word it proclaims!

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