From Whence Anti-Semitism?

“For you (Jewish people) are a holy people to the LORD your God; the LORD your God has chosen you to be a people for Himself, a special treasure above all the peoples on the face of the earth” (Deuteronomy 7:6; 14:2).

For many centuries and throughout the world hatred of the Jews has been a recurring tragedy. From the early wars against the Jews to the Spanish inquisition, through the holocaust and to the 21st century, the Jewish people have been persecuted, driven from their homes, starved, hated, punished and even put to death. What are the possible reasons for this terrible smear on those who hate these people?

  • It could be that numerous non-Jews resent the fact of God’s
    choice of these, His people. In other words, envy, which leads to hate.
  • It could also be that since the Jews were the bearers of the moral Law, those who wanted to live lawlessly resented those who brought morality and sought to live it out. (Unfortunately, not all Jews are moral; neither are all Gentiles for that matter)!
  • A final possible reason: Satan has always hated God and His people (Jews as well as Christians). He has thus sought to destroy them since he cannot destroy God!

We must be very careful not to hate the Jew (or anyone else, as far as that goes). As a matter of fact, on several occasions God promises to bless those who bless the Jew (Genesis 12:3; 18:18; 22:18, etc.). In other words, bless the Jew and God will bless you!

I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” (Genesis 12:3)

since Abraham shall surely become a great and mighty nation, and all the nations of the earth shall be blessed in him? (Genesis 18:18)

In your seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed, because you have obeyed My voice.” (Genesis 22:18)

10 thoughts on “From Whence Anti-Semitism?

  1. The reason the Jews are universally disliked, even hated, is their behavior in all host societies. In fact, if you are objective and look at the many problems in the world today, you see the hands of various Jews in these problems, and that is no accident. The Jews themselves boast of being the destroyers of societies. These are not Torah Jews, they are atheist Jews and Talmudist Jews.


    1. This reply is to larryzb. Would you care to elaborate on your statements? I am a Christian Jew. Does the fact that my ethnicity is 100% Jewish make me abhorrent to you? And does it make me a part of the “unruly” Jews who, according to you, are responsible for so many problems in the world?

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    2. Larryzb,

      Of course Jews have their scoundrels. As do ALL people groups. However, MOST Jews are good decent folks. I personally know this. I am friends MANY Jewish people.

      Here is an example of some of the “Jewish destroyers of society”..

      Theodore Maiman He first fired a laser back in 1960; his work was based on the theories by Albert Einstein, who was also Jewish.

      Zhores Alferov in 2000 won a Nobel Prize in physics for his work on the heterotransistor, a laser that can handle extremely high frequencies. The same technology that is used for all the data transfers from satellites today.

      Jewish American cardiologist Paul Zoll who helped to pioneer the inventions of both the pacemaker and the defibrillator. Have a loved one saved by one of these devices?

      Jewish bacteriologist Waldemar Haffkine found a cure for cholera and the bubonic plague in the 1800s.

      Jonas Salk a Jew who discovered the vaccine for polio back in 1955. Salk refused to patent the vaccine, choosing instead to not make a profit off of saving lives. Wait.. I thought ALL Jews were greedy????

      Have a smart phone? The technology making it possible was engineered by Israeli scientist. Flash Drives… Yeah Jews..

      I could co ON and ON, but for sake of brevity I made my point.

      A few questions:

      What makes a Jewish Atheist different than a gentile atheist?

      What exactly is a Torah Jew? Orthodox perhaps?
      What is a Talmudist Jew? The same Orthodox Jews you see reciting the Torah also read the Talmuds.

      Jews are universally hated? I don’t think so. There are those that LOVE them such as I. Could it be that maybe the God of the Bible also does?


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    3. To criticize people in any government including Israel is valid based on the issues but to criticize “The Jews,” in the general sense is Anti Semitism. Should I categorize “All Gentiles,” as Nazis because some destroyed nations and peoples during WW2 killing millions which the Jews as a whole Never did throughout their 4000 year history! Infact if I remember correctly, wasnt the Gentile Assyrians and the Gentile Babylonians and the Gentile MedoPersians and the Gentile Greeks and the Gentile Romans and the Gentile Turks were the ones that invaded, destroyed, captured, raped, burned, murdered millions of Jews and actually bragged about conquering them and destroying their cities, their temple, their homes and expelled them from their land!? I suggest you read biblical history and it might enlighten you as to who are the aggressors and it sure wasnt Israel! I gather you might be a Christian but you might need to reevaluate your position on the Jews because they are definitely Anti God because He Still is a Jew! There are good and bad Gentiles as well as there are good and bad Jews! Judging based on a person’s individual actions is valid but blaming a sect of Jews, ALL secular Jews are bad, or accusing All Jews of doing harm, stems on AntiSemitism.


  2. “anti-Semitism” is a charge (at this point, a tired old canard) that is invoked to stifle and silence any and all criticism of Jews and their actions. If a Jewish person dares to criticize the actions of other Jews, he/she gets labelled as being a “self-hating Jews”. Go figure.

    Open your eyes! There are Jews intimately involved in every revolutionary movement in the Western world. Consider that Bolshevism was the product of Jewry. Communism was the Talmud for the gentiles.


    1. Larryzb,
      Have you ever read the Talmud? I can find a MILLION things wrong (theologically) with the Talmud. But communism, and socialism from the Talmud? I can’t find it in there. You keep mentioning Talmudic Jews. Please sir do tell me what those are exactly. The only Jews holding the Talmud in high regard are Orthodox Jews. Orthodox Jews are VERY conservative and not fans of the Left for the most part.

      What is your view of America as founded? The Bill of Rights in particular. The freedoms, liberties, and basic human rights therein, are ALL products of of a Jewish book. The Bible. Do you have issue with the Bible (old and new testaments)? 40 authors of it are all JEWS maybe with the exception of Luke. (the bible doesn’t tell us either way what he was).

      If you’re a Christian, then you serve the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, The God who took on flesh Himself to save mankind. Jesus. Who is in-fact the King of the Jews. Regardless of their belief, he made an unconditional promise to them. And God keeps His word for HIS sake.

      Are you yourself a Jew? If not, do you know many?

      Again Yeah, the Jews have their share of villains. Don’t we all? However, the Bolsheviks were overwhelmingly a majority of gentiles. Sure there were many Jews too. But not all of them!

      For every George Soros and Rham Emanuel, there are a Ben Shapiro and Andrew Klaven to counter.

      Antisemitism is very real sir. It is not a canard. The Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh was not a fable nor random. Myself and one of the posters here were a few blocks away that very day. The people that died, died because they were Jewish. Singled out because they were Jewish. That sir IS by definition Antisemitism.

      I would urge you to take heed in Pastor Johns exhortation. Genesis 12:3 is quite clear. Yeah, of course you can be critical of Jewish individuals or even Israel. Heck, put me on an elevator with George Soros, and it would be interesting, and entertaining. But that is him, not ALL Jews.



      1. Actually, I have read verses from it, oh, I should add from the true version, the one which the Jews use. Not the sanitized version for the goyim to see.

        Once a person becomes Jew aware, and sees Jews behind so many harmful revolutionary movements (social, economic, and political) for the past few centuries, there is no going back to a blissful state of ignorance. Christians need to stop deceiving themselves here. Jews are no friend to Christians and Christianity. There are very vile passages in the Talmud about Christ that I will not repeat here. The Jews refuse to expunge these.

        There is another blogger, a woman, who actually learned Hebrew and Yiddish and Russian, so that she could read original tracts of the Talmud. She informs her readers that it is a terrible and harmful work.

        I will not comment again. There are those who can recognize the threat, and those who cannot.


  3. ” Christians need to stop deceiving themselves here. Jews are no friend to Christians and Christianity.”

    wrote larryzb

    So what then? Kill them all? I doubt you would want to do that. But, the rhetoric you’re regurgitating on the internet may just inspire others to do just that. Robert Bowers anyone?. I would HIGHLY urge you to spend your resources bringing the GOSPEL to the Jews. Just as JESUS commands. Even if they were an enemy (they’re not) Perhaps you should pray for them? Love them? Eh? I read those precepts somewhere.. Oh yeah, their in red ink…

    If you truly do Serve the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, (Jesus) then I exhort you to repent while you can. Because you are heaping a judgement upon your own head. The Bible is CLEAR. SO keep on poking your finger in the apple of God’s eye at your own risk. I truly do hope you do repent, for your sake.

    When / If the time comes that harming Jews in back in style. Those that do will have to get through me first!. And if the Jew is to die, then I’ll die along with them, knowing that MY KING (Jesus) would honor that.

    But then again, I’d wager you think the Holocaust was hoax and never happened. May God have mercy on you.



    1. People generally bow out of a conversation when they are correct or absolutely out of ammunition. Reading this discussion has led me to believe that larryzb has an empty gun and has exhausted his quest to discredit all Jews!! My bible states that if I bless the Jew then I will be blessed and if I curse the Jew then I will be cursed!! Larryzb has chosen to curse rather than bless the Jew! He has made his bed and needs to fall on his face before the King of the Jews;(JESUS CHRIST), and repent!!!!!! Great rebuttals Brian my brother!!!


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