B.C. or B.C.E? A.D. or C.E?

“But when the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under the law” (Galatians 4:4)

Several years ago, as I was examining several textbooks for possible use in my classes, I noticed that a number of them were no longer using the historical dating system used for centuries by most countries of the world: B.C. (before Christ), and A.D. (Anno Domini, “in the year of our Lord,” also referring to Jesus Christ) as the focal point of history. According to Wikipedia, “Dionysius Exiguus of Scythia Minor introduced the AD system in AD 525, counting the years since the birth of Christ.” (Accessed 8-4-2016).

Not too long ago, a number of authors, religious and secular, were beginning to substitute B.C.E. (Before the Common Era) and C.E. (Common Era) instead of the traditional system for dating time. (I’m still wondering to what the word “Common” has reference)!

As I was contemplating the reason for such major shift away from B.C. and A.D., it did not take me long to realize what was happening: there was a reluctance to recognize Jesus Christ as the focus of all history! As a matter of fact, it is far more than just reluctance! The brilliant (Jewish) British journalist and critic Melanie Phillips addressed this matter:

This attack on BC and AD, fatuous as it may seem on the surface, is yet another attack on [British] culture and the Christian underpinnings             which provide it with its history, identity and fundamental values… The     impulse behind changing such established terms – – obviously as             familiar to us all as the names of the days of the week – – is part of the      wider desire to obliterate Christianity in [British] culture. 

Ah yes, here are the real reasons:

  1. We want to be “politically correct” in not wishing to offend those who believe otherwise. (Not too many have been offended until recent times)!
  2. We are encountering a worldwide plot to remove any vestige of Christ and His Word from our consciousness!  And boy, are we in trouble! – – just read John 12:48!! This year might just be A.D. – – “the year of The Lord” (Psalm 2)!

Do you know the ONE who divided history?

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