Mad at God?

“And we know that all things work together for good TO THOSE WHO LOVE GOD, to those who are the called according to HIS PURPOSE” (Romans 8:28).

Be honest! You’re disappointed with God. You came to Him in a time of need and He didn’t answer you right away, or He didn’t answer the way you expected. You’ve had a rough life, and even God, who is love, doesn’t seem to care, or He seems so aloof, so far removed from your pains and miseries. After all, “He could have kept me from my bad experiences in life. I could have had it better,” we reason. “Isn’t God in control? Isn’t He the ultimate power in this universe? Isn’t He supposed to hear my cries and help me out of my troubles?”

You’re right! God is the sovereign ruler of this universe. And the answer to your quests are simpler than your agonies. Could it be that God has allowed you to be hurt or crushed for a reason? Let me assure you, God is not the cosmic sadist puny humans make Him out to be. It may well be that God is trying to get our attention. You see, if all goes well with us — if we have all the friends, money and health we so crave — will we really depend on God? Will we really worship Him alone, recognizing who He is?

Let’s get it straight: GOD IS GOOD! GOD HAS A PLAN FOR OUR LIVES! And, it could be that God is using what you may term as “evil” to accomplish His purposes in you and for you. Pain lets us know that something is wrong. The remedy is to place your faith in Christ alone, in spite of the prevailing circumstances. Whether it’s you, me or us, God wants our undivided attention, love and worship (adoration). How about it?

Are you saved?

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