And I Weep

“Comfort, yes, comfort My people!” says your God (Isaiah 40:1)

My heart is heavy with grief, and I mourn. Today is Saturday, October the 27th in the year 2018. The city is Pittsburgh and a demonized brute enters a Squirrel Hill synagogue and murders those who have come to peacefully worship. This is one of the most tragic events in American history. And I weep.

There is a solemn silence as the news rapidly spreads throughout the world. Millions are thinking, “that could have been me and my family!” Lines form of those who want to give their blood. Sports teams stop for a moment of silence. The leaders of our nation and states hold back their tears as they express their sadness. Spokesmen from various denominations utter their disdain for this hate-crime against these peace-loving Jews. O what a tragedy.

I weep for those who have lost loved ones. I weep for those who suffered because they sought to protect the innocents. I weep because there are those who continue to hate. I weep at the possibility that justice won’t be meted out. I weep because there are many who claim to love God and “worship” Him, all    the while despising the people He has chosen for Himself. I weep because there are all too many who simply don’t really care. I weep because there are so many who in view of this happening still refuse    to turn to the God of the Bible.

I am at a loss for words. I can only whisper, “Lord, hear my prayers, and help in this time of need. Bless Your people with Your salvation. Protect us from evil. Supply for the needs. Draw us close to Yourself and help us see Your power.”

This is a good time to deluge our bereaved friends with acts of kindness. We can shower them with cards of sympathy and gifts to meet their needs. You can address The Congregation of the Tree of Life Synagogue, 5898 Wilkins Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15217. Blessing the Jew will bring God’s blessings to you (Genesis 12:3)! And don’t forget to pray for them!

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